Beyond PSR-7: The magical middleware tour



PSR-7 has made its way to become a PHP standard. The Middleware word –
at the same time – has become one of the most prominent buzzwords of
our ecosystem. Are we facing a bust here? Wasn’t PHP invented for the
web? So, what is this fuss all about, if we’re actually only dealing
with good old HTTP requests/responses?

In this talk Marco and Steve will explain the practical implications
of PSR-7, introducing its semantics and explaining how it is already
shaping the present and future of many modern frameworks and tools.

They’ll do this through practical examples: they’ll dissect an entire
HTTP request/response life cycle, and analyze how it gets handled by
Zend Expressive, one modern (micro)framework which allows us to write
PSR-7 middleware applications for the web. They’ll also take into
account other well known (IE Slim) and emerging implementations(*), so
to be able to make some comparisons, but also to see how a whole set
of different components all speak HTTP the same way.

By attending this talk you can expect to become able to understand and
also build a modern, performing and well-structured application,
through the use of middleware. And yeah …you get a new buzzword
badge too!






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