Paul Dragoonis

Paul Dragoonis



Paul, a full-stack software consultant from Glasgow, Scotland, is a long-term php community member whom spends his time contributing to PHP-FIG, PHP internals / extensions, the website and the PPI Framework Engine project. He is the lead developer of PPI, where he focuses on framework interoperability and multi-framework co-operation. Since PPI and PHP-FIG share a common goal, he focuses his time maintaining & participating in the PHP-FIG group to help drive PHP-FIG forward and uses PPI to help drive PHP-FIG standards forward.


Dockerizing your PHP CI Pipelines

This talk is intermediate level and should have a bit of something for everyone whether you’re building a standard pipeline (non-docker) or already have a pipeline and looking to see how docker will make it even stronger. I will demonstrate how building pipelines with Docker differs from traditional pipelines, what steps are involved in migrating […]

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Unleashing Frameworks

PHP application development is becoming more flexible than ever but many of you may still be choosing a single framework for all of the features, instead of ones that best match your application. With the PPI Framework Engine you can compose parts of multiple frameworks that allow you to customise your software to suit and […]

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