Ondrej Mirtes

Ondrej Mirtes



Lead developer at Slevomat, Czech largest Groupon-like e-commerce site offering deals to >200k daily visitors. I am especially interested in developing web apps outside of the traditional LAMP stack using technologies like RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Redis, Supervisor, React.PHP, and WebSockets. I love continuous integration, unit testing, versioning, and code reviews. To broaden my horizons outside of my daily job, I also develop native apps for iOS.


Keep your users up-to-date in realtime with WebSockets!

Live document collaboration, playing cooperative and competetive games, updating sports scores, booking seats. Stateless and belated nature of HTTP requests is not a perfect match for these and other similar use cases. WebSockets offer immediate delivery of messages in two-way communication between the client and the server. Instead of periodic polling for new messages, they […]

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