Nikolay Krapivnyy

Nikolay Krapivnyy



Nikolay is the Technical Team Lead at Badoo. His team is responsible for the server-side development of Badoo's web and mobile applications. He has been a Software Engineer for more than 10 years, 5 of which he has spent working at Badoo. Badoo is the world's largest dating network with over 300 million registered users, in 190 countries and is translated into 46 languages worldwide. Nikolay is passionate about new technology and mechanical engineering, he also loves to travel and snowboard.


How Badoo Saved $1M Switching to PHP7

PHP7 is the new generation of the php engine which is dramatically faster than 5.6 and significantly reduces memory consumption. But is it ready for production? Our answer is yes! We started planning our migration in advance and were one of the first companies of our scale to deploy PHP7 to our 1000+ servers which […]

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