Michele Orselli

Michele Orselli



Software engineer, working with PHP since 2005 and now CTO at Ideato.I have broad interests in several aspects of software development like automation, quality and testing.I'm co-author of "PHP Best Practices", published by FAG in 2012. Serial speaker @phpday, you can find some of my talks on https://joind.in/user/view/188


The journey to be a solid developer

Being a solid developer doesn’t mean to only know a programming language(s) very well, or mastering the latest cool framework. It’s more than that. It’s not just about code, it’s also about people around you, the community, the tools and approaches. In this closing keynote we will share our personal experiences. And of course the […]

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Hopping in clouds: a tale of migration from one cloud provider to another

Nowadays there are a lot of cloud providers, with a wide range of offers. Web projects usually have continuously changing needs: what worked well yesterday may not be enough today. These two facts became quite obvious for us in the last year while migrating a PHP application from Rackspace to Amazon. In this session I’d […]

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