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Deploying PHP 7

PHP 7 is here and it brings drastic performance improvements along with new features. Learn how to migrate a large codebase and identify potential BC breaks and how to correctly deploy and tune PHP 7 for optimal performance. Topics covered will include static analysis, opcache tuning, and os-level issues such as huge pages and NUMA zones.

The journey to be a solid developer

Being a solid developer doesn’t mean to only know a programming language(s) very well, or mastering the latest cool framework. It’s more than that. It’s not just about code, it’s also about people around you, the community, the tools and approaches. In this closing keynote we will share our personal experiences. And of course the […]

TDD with PhpSpec

PhpSpec is a SpecBDD tool that enables you to use a TDD workflow that can transform the way you write PHP. In this session we will look at the TDD workflow and see how PhpSpec can be used to speed up your development; add regression safety, and improve your object-oriented design.

PHP 7 compliance workshop

When migrating, we often need to review old code and target only the interesting issues. This session will connect the backward incompatibilities and new features to actual location in the code, relying on static analysis to process quickly large code base. Based on the accumulated experience of the tools, we’ll review the issues, diagnose criticality, […]

You Attended Talk: an introduction to event sourcing

Imagine for a moment you work for a large online retailer specialising in household goods. One morning, the head of marketing comes to you and says “I’ve had this great idea we’re going to send discount vouchers to anyone who’s changed their address in the past 3 months; people who’ve recently moved are more likely […]

Being Functional in PHP

Functional programming, though far from new, has gained much traction recently. Functional programming characteristics have started to appear in the PHP world, too. Microframeworks such as Silex and Slim, middleware architectures such as Stack and even standards such as PSR-7 rely on concepts such as lambdas, referential transparency and immutability, all of which come from […]

Hopping in clouds: a tale of migration from one cloud provider to another

Nowadays there are a lot of cloud providers, with a wide range of offers. Web projects usually have continuously changing needs: what worked well yesterday may not be enough today. These two facts became quite obvious for us in the last year while migrating a PHP application from Rackspace to Amazon. In this session I’d […]

Context Oriented Architecture: put the boundary in the right place.

Last year the hype was on SOA, today is on the Microservices Architecture, what about tomorrow? No one knows. Whatever it is the architecture you want to use, we probably agree that the strategic goal of a tech team is to support a company business, creating customer value. How can we model our software and […]

How I learned to stop worrying and love Regular Expressions

This session will cover Regular Expressions from the basics to the darkest corners of this arcane art. Regular Expressions at the core come in handy to achieve validation and text manipulation tasks. In the day to day life of a developer, becoming comfortable with them opens up many more use cases. As one of the […]

Denser, Cooler, Faster, Stronger: PHP On ARM Microservers

This is the story of how I helped make arm.com run on a small collection of state-of-the art ARM-based microservers, and the lessons I learned along the way, from how not to crash your entire multi-node MySQL database several times a day, to how not to have nginx consume all your disk space within a […]

HTTP/2.0 101 Introduction

After 16 years a new version of the HTTP protocol has now been finalized and wide support in browsers and web servers is coming quickly. In this talk I’ll explain how HTTP and browsers work in general and what you currently have to do to make your application as fast as possible. Based on this […]

Dip Your Toes in the Sea of Security

Security is an enormous topic, and it’s really, really complicated. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself vulnerable to any number of attacks which you definitely don’t want to be on the receiving end of. This talk will give you just a taster of the vast array of things there is to know about security […]

More devs on devops with Docker Orchestration.

The Docker tools are the new era to build, deploy and scale applications easily. After more than one year of using this technology in production I’d like to share the benefits and disavantages of having docker in both env (development and production), the bad and good practices all the workflow to speedup deployments, and how […]

Package development

Registering your new awesome package to packagist is easy. But what about maintainability? What dependencies should you avoid? Have you considered reducing download size? How will you keep your users up to date with changes in newer versions? How do you best handle releases? How do you manage your package to behave in an optimal […]

Unleashing Frameworks

PHP application development is becoming more flexible than ever but many of you may still be choosing a single framework for all of the features, instead of ones that best match your application. With the PPI Framework Engine you can compose parts of multiple frameworks that allow you to customise your software to suit and […]

Let’s write some History

Did you know that you are probably throwing away data every single day? By updating or deleting records from your database you lose information. In this talk I’m going to explain how Event Sourcing can help you solve this problem and what other benefits you can get from it. We will walk over of the […]

Beyond PSR-7: The magical middleware tour

PSR-7 has made its way to become a PHP standard. The Middleware word – at the same time – has become one of the most prominent buzzwords of our ecosystem. Are we facing a bust here? Wasn’t PHP invented for the web? So, what is this fuss all about, if we’re actually only dealing with […]

PHP 7 performances from PHP 5

PHP 7 is incredibly faster than PHP 5. In this talk, we will compare profiling of applications against PHP 7 and PHP 5, and point some scenarios where PHP 7 really outperforms PHP 5. We’ll then analyze together the reasons of such performance boosts by explaining the low level tricks that have been brought to […]



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