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Drinking Beer with a Raspberry Pi and PHP

Always been interested in the Raspberry Pi but never known what you could do with it? Got a Raspberry Pi at home that you played with for 5 minutes before you got bored? This talk is for you. We will be making a journey into the world of programming with sensors and other electrical components. […]

Keep your users up-to-date in realtime with WebSockets!

Live document collaboration, playing cooperative and competetive games, updating sports scores, booking seats. Stateless and belated nature of HTTP requests is not a perfect match for these and other similar use cases. WebSockets offer immediate delivery of messages in two-way communication between the client and the server. Instead of periodic polling for new messages, they […]

Build middleware applications with Zend Framework 3

Zend Framework 3 offers the possibility to write PHP application using a middleware approach. With the usage of the component zend-expressive, combined with the PSR-7 standard, we will show how to build performant, well structured and reusable web applications. We will show how to design and implement simple web applications, APIs and complex web architectures […]

Machine learning for PHP

Machine learning is teaching the computer how to learn by itself. It is far easier to be done, especially when you have small data set and a good level of expertise in your field. Classifying objects, predicting who will buy, where to park your car or which test will fail may be achieved with grassy […]

Your API is a UI

Whether you’re creating a complex web application or a simple library, everything you create has a user. Why, then, do we concentrate on our users when developing a user interface, but so often forget them when developing APIs? In this talk, Christopher presents a whirlwind overview of a variety of different User Experience considerations when […]



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